Upcoming Gigs

Toni, Warren, Marshall, Willie LIVE

Toni performs every Tuesday from 7 – 10 PM at the Continental Club on South Congress Avenue.

Join Toni and her incredibly talented band at her world famous Hippie Hour, now in it’s 22nd year!

For booking call : 512-538-5941

Toni is available for private parties, too!

Buy Toni’s new CD Cherry Sunday Orchestra on Ebay for 15$ Each

or at Waterloo Records and Antone’s Record Store!

Check out Toni’s handmade greeting cards on Ebay and in Book Woman.


Event Information

  • Fri

    Natachee's Supper'n Punch! Houston, TX

    9:15 to 11:00

    3622 Main Street
    Houston, TX, US 77002
    Phone: 713.524.7203


    Austin favorite Toni Price joins us for a rare Houston appearance in the Showroom.  Tickets are $15 and can be purchased in advance online, or at the door.

    Toni Price - Hey - Live Shot