Toni Price – Sol Power

Sol Power, Toni’s third and only live album, shows why her regular Tuesday Hippy Hour gig at Austin’s famed Continental Club continues on today in it’s 22nd year. Take one chantuse, three of Austin’s top guitar slingers, some imagination mixed with desire, drive across 150 miles of Texas high plains desert to a little oasis in west Texas with a crowd thirsty for the real thing and Sol Power is what you just might get. Featuring the emotive fiddle of legendary Austin sideman Champ Hood who shines on classic tracks like “The Old Fiddler’s Walt” and “Sarah,” Sol Power’s got heart ache in “What’s it Take,” desire in “Freeway,” up against the wall raw emotion in “Like the Sun,” and a couple of foot stomping barn burners in “#1” and “Burnin’ Down.” And you can wrap all that up in a bow called “West Texas Lullaby.”

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